Saturday, July 11, 2009


Too short for The Rockettes and too tan for The Smurfs. Where does that leave me?


greensatya said...

Nothing to offer for the dilema, sorry. Coming here after a long time and good to see that this is no more "incorporated"

mystic rose said...

The muppets?

And google throws in "goosess" for word verification.

Rooh said...

Funny story about the Rockets, I was maybe 8 or 9, back in the day when there was VHS and no dvd's *rolls eyes*!!

I pop in this untitled tape that was used to record the junk you missed cause of social obligations and the what not.

*flip the switch* soccer *fastforward* some cooking thing *fastforward* back to soccer
*fastforward* *wooah wooah backup* 13 or 14 seconds of the rockettes and then back to soccer.

It wasnt until I was in college that I found a cute little retro pinup of these Manhattan divas! uuuuh those legs!! <3