Sunday, June 28, 2009


Nothing is relevant.

Except, Martinis must not be had with Vodka. Only Gin.

And Gin and Tonics need to be imbibed with a certain melancholic sensuality.

Nothing else is relevant.


Roy said...

vodka martini? 007 was wrong?

Ms Taggart said...

Wow.. I am coming here after so long! And nice to see you have been blogging! :)

-Coco Captive/Smiling Girl!

White Magpie said...

And i thought martinis are had only with olives ;)

mystic rose said...

'brooding' comes to mind.

San said...

never tried gin, but vodka martini's are perfect, esp strawberry martini's

Rooh said...

Alot of the time I have to restrain myself when ordering a drink when Im with company, all i ever want to drink and drink is this enrapturous "chick" drink whos name is green apple martini. I lust for her!