Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Proposal

She hated her fingers
he loved to kiss the tips
she called them fat and stubby
short too
he laughed
and patiently said he loved her still
fingers and all
and even as he slipped a ring
she knew the shimmer couldn't blind forever
not once the arthritis set in
creases deepened
and wrinkles formed
so looking at her fingers
and in a voice as still as the air around
she said 'No'.


Ms Taggart said...

[This is not the I-was-here comment, but I-was-here-and-I-liked-this-post-yet-dont-have-anything-intelligent-to-write type comment]

N said...

Coz she had arthritis and did not want to be dependent on some1?

White Magpie said...

This is long term vision. Good going.

Bhuvan Gupta said...

Pretty sad !! why such an outlook towards life ?

San said...


Born a Libran said...

Good to know you still write just as well as when I left the blogosphere... :)

Rooh said...

Didnt see that ending coming :) Abrupt oui?