Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The sinewy smile on the model stretched out on the cover.
The groove belted out by the jazz percussionist.
The side step danced by the pop-starlet.
The freeze-frame executed by an acclaimed director.

Paintings of Dali. Prints of Warhol.
Thoughts of Kafka. Ideas of Nietzsche.
Murder mysteries. Epic romances. Existential philosophy.
Perfect chocolate mousse. Caramelized sugar of a crème brulee.

The heroine’s laugh. The hero’s crusade.
The tyrant’s oppression. The vamp’s objective.
Old wives’ tale. Vivid snatches of forgotten memory.
Old yearbooks. Scratched photographs.

Borrowed stories. Re-invented imagination.
Rain. Breeze. Elements. Awakened desires.
Healing wounds. Brimming joys. Confused temperaments.
Armchair confidentialities. Brash betrayed confidences.

Whiff of a perfume. Glimpse of a reflection. Overheard conversation.
Smell of coffee. Swirl of smoke. Many hues of red in a glass of wine.
Endless doodles. Growing pile of crumpled paper. Colors, tints.
Flicker of a flame. Endless chai. Obscure wit. Slapstick sequence.

High fashion. Low morale. Sexists. Feminists. Idealists.
Surrealism. Realism. Individualism. Scrapbook pedantism.
The off-beaten path. The oft-repeated track. Old and new.
Caricatures of reality. Daydreams of future.

Where haven’t I looked for inspiration!?!!

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Ambooj Tiwari said...

and the Absurdist's dilemma...welcome to wonderland, Alice! Oops, I forgot, you've always been here!