Monday, January 07, 2008

The Absolute

The beginning of an end or the end of very beginning?
The threat to what has been or a promise of things to come?
The last note of the song you loved or the last chapter of the book that you read?
The sunshine after the rain or the rain that poured all day?
The color from the palette of an artist or the blindness of the artist to see the color?
The End.

The tears shed when it is finally over or the tears still shed over what is and not over?
The smile that can light up the sky or the smile that never quite reaches the eyes?
The right in the wrong or the wrong for all its righteousness?
The sky is the limit or the sky is falling?
The brittle joy or the seemingly constant pain?
The End.

The dream you wake up with or the dream that you long for once when you asleep?
The unpredictability in everything mundane or the predictability of everything unpredictable?
The wit mistaken for humor or sarcasm for irony?
The pain, hurt, shame or guilt?
The cup of tea after a long day or the cup of coffee starting it all off?
The End.

The evening news or the morning newspaper?
The email or that telephone call?
The voices in your head or the voices all around?
The seeds of imagination or the roots of reality?
The benefit of doubt or just plain conviction?
The End.

Nothing but that is after all, Absolute.

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