Friday, August 03, 2007

Another Drinking Game: Another Lazy Rhyme

A Martini does a lot for the soul
Its bliss in a bowl

Full of the mellow and the tart which sharpens the wit
Gives the soul that transcendental lift

Dirty or dry, its unlike any other high
Welcome is the accompanying blissed out sigh

A wedge of lime, an olive or two
Vodka and Gin, a choice of two

Am a purist, its Gin for me
Add an olive, make it dirty, its then perfect, you see?

My ode to a Martini doesn't quite ever end
End unknown, but beginning is always with a glass heaven sent.

Whimsical, soulful, irony in a glass
I leave you to enjoy another weekend, with a drink in its own class.

A Martini I may crave and glorify, it does much for the soul
But a favorite is Rum and Coke, enough to get one on a roll

That will be our little secret, my fellow sinners
Remember, a full bar, and a drink that works are the real winners!


indiana said...

the morning after the familiar whine!
why did i agree(to drink) for no reason nor rhyme

oh yeah! i remember a martini and a full bar
next time it would just be me and my yaar!!

ha ha ha....

diyadear said...

wow a poem on martini n vodka.. thats cool :)

ferret said...

i had to come and clink my glass to this one :P

Renovatio said...

Excellent, just don't drink that one alone now :p

Little Miss Muffet said...

oh loved this since I'm a huge fan of martinis too, dry preferably..nice :)

Dan said...

These rhymes are making me thirsty! :)

Janefield said...

CHEERS! nice lines :)

Perspective Inc said...

@ indiana
ha ha ha!! well done!!

@ diyadear
did i say vodka?

@ ferret

@ renovatio
never! when it comes to a drink, there is always company to be had!

welcome to the club!

@ dan
drink up! :)

@ janefield