Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Bauhaus Master...

It was with bored disdain that I was about to throw out all the catalogues that I keep getting in the mail. All million of them. Till the catalogue from Design Within Reach ( DWR ) caught my eye.

Its no secret that am a huge fan of the Bauhaus School. Especially of the Bauhaus Master, Gunta Stolzl. She, despite being a woman in the period when that meant that the limitations would far outweigh much else, single-handedly transformed commonly viewed women's handicrafts into serious components of Industrial Design.

This particular issue of the catalogue pays tribute to three women, Gunta Stolzl, Edith Heath and Eva Zeisal. I absolutely love the cover with all the Bauhaus Masters, and Gunta standing out. She was one of the very few women at Bauhaus and certainly the only one ( woman ) to hold a senior faculty position (Weaving Workshop) at the school. My hero.

Props to DWR for presenting her work. You must check out the woven rugs. She turned weaving from a craft into Design. Those patterns, the lines,the colors, they are something else. Its love waiting to happen. Believe me.

(From Left To Right: Josef Albers, Hinnerk Scheper, Georg Muche, Laszlo Moholynagy, Herbert Bayer, Joost Schmidt, Walter Gropius, Maecel Breuer, Vassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Lyonel Feininger, Gunta Stolzl And Oskar Schlemmer.)

( Source: DWR )


Keshi said...

wow very interesting! ty for this.


Renovatio said...

Now that was bloody brilliant. I'm going to look into this a bit more.

Ambooj Tiwari said...

u inspired me to do something on similar lines!!! plagiarism, in'it! oh btw, happy birthday, whenever it is! (some time this month i guess)

Perspective Inc said...

@ keshi, renovatio

@ ambooj tiwari