Thursday, August 02, 2007

Armed With A Latte!

Alright my lovelies, am back. Its been a while, and you wonder where I've been? (OK, I know atleast one of you has to wonder) Let me tell you exactly whats been happening, or rather the not happening part. My MacBook crashed. Again. Third time, in the one year that I've owned it! And no, its not my fault. It is exasperating, I have half a mind to shift back to windows. Its a good thing that the yet un-mentioned other part of the brain, has a mind of its own. Ha!

So anyway, there I was minding my own business one day (no, it never ends), when Chamiya calls to tell me that thanks to USCIS, she and her beau tied the knot! Between the shock, joy and planning a delayed bachelorette party it sank into all of us (the married women), that she (Chamiya) got married. See, you have to understand that even though in a relationship, she was still the unmarried one, hence among us, our superhero! So anyhoo, her coming over to the dark side called for a celebration of course. With dark rum. And lots of it. Chamiya and her beau make a great couple, so that called for more drinking. Toasting to them, obviously. We are quite selfless that way.

Oh, what fun it was.

What is not fun, is my continuing obsession with Bottega Veneta. And being friends with Chamiya doesn't help, both of us are such label whores. We both bought Gucci bags recently and swore off buying another bag, this year. But then we spot the most divine Bottega tote and now can't stop obsessing about it day and night. Am almost scared to see her online, coz all we do is swap links. Of what else, but bags. Superficial and shallow we are not. OK, a bit. But whats a girl gotta do? So now am planning to put two of my babies on Ebay (yes, am one dysfunctional step away from naming them), just to fund my newbie. The husband of course worries that one of these days, he might end up on Ebay, if a craving for a Birkin hits me. He does have a high opinion of himself! :-)

Speaking of high, weekend is here! WooHoo! Am so looking forward to it. Though you should know that I am scared to make any plans. Since my husband sat through Harry Potter for me, he thinks I owe him all of my Nine (Social) Lives. But a weekend is weekend, and always fun.

Until later my lovelies, its Latte Files.


FJ said...

"The husband of course worries that one of these days, he might end up on Ebay"
LOL :))

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