Thursday, May 22, 2008

An Unexpected Muse

Thunder. Incessant rain
The day started with chai
Adrak adding the spiced nuance of course
For the tired palette
But now, its way into the night
Thunder still makes its
Presence felt and rain
Refuses to let up
Its onto gin and tonics now
The plural being affirmative
And as rain pelts forgotten
Morse code upon your window
Stories come pouring out
And you thought nature had
A whole other agenda.
And you might be right.
When with the torrential downpour
All it looked for
Was the drying of ink
On a wet, wet day.

As with any other story
Is it not a question of
Mere perspective?
Of seeking the ever
Unexpected muse.

1 comment:

Gayathri said...

"Morse code upon your window" - Nice!