Friday, May 23, 2008

The Imagined Secret

What is it about secrets?
That give a woman her power
That no stiletto can. Or red lips.
The ones that add an extra shimmer
to the eye. Or to the beginnings
of an elusive smile. A lazy wink.
A long drag on a cigarette
Or the extra clink of ice in
the now almost empty glass.
Secrets that are harmless as
long as unknown. Harmless
if come to be known.
As long as the knowledge
lies within the woman in
question, she thrives.
Almost as if secrets
and her go together.
Even made up ones.

After all,
intrigue takes imagination.


ramblings said...

i would think its the 'intrigue' factor involved...which drives us up the wall, and gives us the high! :)

Donn said...

Ooh la la.

You need a little mystery because it is all about the chase. The reward is in and of itself..a serpent devouring it's tail.

This is why those softly lit boudoir photos of ladies, with the yummy bits covered just ever so slightly, are far more alluring and appreciated by men, than the glaring 'BANG' in your face gynecological wankfest shots.

Yes a little mystery goes a long way...
afterall, it's all about pacing oneself isn't it?

Ms Taggart said...

I agree! Nothing like knowing a secret, and being the only one to know it for a long time!

anks said...

fantastic work.