Friday, April 11, 2008

Of An Unacknowledged Muse

She had that voice
jazz'ey and smokey
full of life like its never been lived
more Ella than Aretha
except that she didn't sing
she told stories
recited more like it
a muse you could call
but she was real
except when you saw her
there was Chet Baker in the background
or for the purists, Duke Ellington
she reminded one of a classic martini
not the fruity excuse
of an overture
of a classic rendition
of any red-blooded woman
of passion
and only as the dawn breaks
or as the night darkens
you see her for what she is
a bit of you
you could call her a muse
I prefer dreaming up her story.


neha vish said...

Love this one..

The Dude said...

"I prefer dreaming up her story."
...Ill raise a glass to that.

Edgar Dantas said...
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