Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It could be any city and any view
but it is this city and this view
the rain has let up
a bit finally today
the light comes on
the penthouse across
not enough to tell much
the rain hasn't let up that much
but there is a faint glow
and a silhouette
a flickering ember which can only be
a cigarette
you imagine a high ball glass
along with gin and tonic
and spin a story
its a climax you are looking for
but you have your
own stub to put out
and head back to the party
across, another stub has been put out
but not before successfully
charting a climax
Rains. Parties. And Cigarettes.


byker7 said...

nice to have you back.

Edgar Dantas said...
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Perspective Inc said...

@ byker
Who'd have thought!