Monday, April 02, 2007

Chronicles Of A Manic Monday Morning; Nonsense In Rhyme

I stood in line for a latte today
Overheard many conversations that made my day
A bitchy co-worker, a clingy boyfriend, an ‘ex’ in the works and the ‘sale’ about to happen
All rich fodder for inspiration, for many a short story in future to be spun
The barista sang a show tune while handing out java
A skinny blond stood in front of me craving her daily mocha
Soy, non-fat, no-foam, extra-hot, vanilla-bean, tall-caramel-mocha she wanted
The raven-haired barista, singing footloose, sat about making her cuppa undaunted
She all chirpy, joined in by humming
Rolling his eyes, I saw the guy behind me impatiently waiting
“Why does she need coffee, seems caffeinated already”, he seemed to say
He seemed crabby and more in need of a fix than me, so despite waiting, I waved him ahead anyway
“You are sweet”, “Thank you”, “You from India?”, “I love your accent”, he went on to say
“What? Me? No really!” I sort of knew what was coming and sooo didn’t want this conversation so early in the day!
Luckily he ran into someone he knew
And I got to my latte, in peace, quite quick too, and that sure was new.
Hell, what’s a Monday morning without a little bit of drama?
Look how entertaining getting a latte has been, for that, I thank my karma.

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