Thursday, July 19, 2012

You wanted to live inside the lines where the ordinariness of everything would protect you from the dragons that lay at the edge of the map ready to blow fire in your face if you strayed off course, to the edge of the known world.**

I'll admit, not entirely familiar with Anne Rolphe, I bought the book first coz' I was completely taken with it's retro cover. Book covers just don't get enough chops! Now that, that's out of the way, I'll also add, I liked what I read. See, sometimes it all works out.

Yeah, yeah. Kumbaya.

"I have always wondered why mountain climbers do it. What is the necessity to make yourself cold and weary, oxygen deprived and footsore, just to get to the top of some fossils, minerals, wormy soil, all piled up in jagged shapes, rock sheers and deep drops that care nothing for human endeavors, passions, reproductive urges? But my first love was like that, dangerous, reason abandoned, sense tossed away, and compulsion driving thought. I was going to climb that mountain, plant a flag on the top, and tumble down the other side."

-Art and Madness. A Memoir of Lust Without Reason.

** Spectacular lines, also from 'Art and Madness'.

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jd said...

paying homage to womanhood and accepting her freedom / space is just lip service in India.notwithstanding the latest gimmick by Amir khan and his satyameva jayate

you must have seen in some movies this concept of "item song".It just materialises without any siginificance to the plot.
you can see a rabid bunch of salivating, gyrating guys dancing around a girl in such songs.It's so f-ing crude i walk out of it.

This "item song" is condoned by men living in urban India and also appreciated!!. When this is the reality women are indeed scared. If Amir khan or his likes take an oath not to patronise such movies then we can be sure he is walking the talk.Punitive measures is the other thing.Have special courts that handle cases only pertaining to atrocities on women. For India this is the only way. Nothing else.