Saturday, January 07, 2012

It's only been a week and, am not putting away my party hat just yet.

Half-finished books. Pages filled with words half-formed. Tarts that once stood witness to flailing diets, their obituaries now written on discarded foil. Ashtrays that know once the night falls, they'll have company to keep.

Vows to say Love You more and make passionate declarations less, settle with the ice in the glass. Dusty scrapbooks and dustier images to resurrect. Along with rusty memories to only bite the dust. With scary, speedy efficiency.

Old ways, familiar patterns and white lies. Because in the end, it's all much too easy.

What Resolution? Here's to a garishly shiny, spanking new year. New Year!

1 comment:

jd said...

cheers to echoes, silence , patience and grace:)


nah no grace,just cheers to echoes, silence and patience in 2012!:)