Friday, July 15, 2011

The hare-brained chatter of irresponsible frivolity.

Art, in all of it's forms, is an altogether funny thing.

I've had this painting for a while now... I love it for it's colors and the joy it seems to exude. I've always thought of it as fishes swimming upstream until a friend pointed out it's likeness to, well, you know. And, there's no getting past that. Did I then relegate it to some dark corner of my house? No sirrie, I promptly fell even more in love with it.

People's reaction to this painting (that hangs in my house) is quite priceless... Most don't give it much thought beyond it's cheery colors. Some mortified, quickly look away. Others, after a start, smile. It (the painting) certainly makes me smile, I mean, how can it not? As for the Sperm dress (see below), I happen to love it. The dress reminds me of the painting and... Makes me, you guessed it, smile.

Oh, I do realize just about now I sound like a dithering idiot who goes about all of her day with a grin plastered on her face. Not so. Mostly. Er. No, not so.

P.S: The title, borrowed from Disraeli. Also, the words 'irresponsible frivolity' somehow make me think of tulle skirts, cotton candy and manicures. Don't ask.

Kallol Datta Sperm Dress

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stonetemplepilot said...

the painting tells me how an army of idealistic people go forward headlong into a crusade and then after a while all their ideals become fuzzy and they no longer remember their ideals!:-)

as far as the dress, a lil bit of flames on it would make it look hot!:-)