Wednesday, April 06, 2011

An Old Favorite On The Radio

The first note, has her ready to hum
She turns up the music 
When she feels that way

With the softest sigh
She waits for night to fall
Pillow fluffed in anticipation

So she can dream that dream again
So she can kiss and never have to tell.


indiana said...
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stonetemplepilot said...

But before night falls she hear’s another hum
Dancing steps of a lover, lost in time .a james dean look- alike
Stunned! She can only say “ are we going out for a ride?”

The evening lasts forever and the night tires of waiting
A sigh escapes from the night and the pillow

They say “oh lovers!”,
their dreams always turn to reality
Their kisses lasts an eternity

Ebony said...

... She dreams at love,

She dreams with hope.

She hopes that God will bring her love.