Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I get all nostalgic because am easy that way.

Saw vintage Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers videos on tv today. You know what that means, don't you? We need to have ourselves some Jolene!

There was this phase when we (and for once I don't mean the royal I) took to loudly singing along the songs of the moment, which included these two gems. Usually at a sleepover. If you however imagined a bunch of girls bursting into song on a random sidewalk, I don't blame you. Also, yes, I said gems. Am old like that! Can't you tell? 

We used to broadly refer to these songs (and not just these two mind you) as "Retro" and, feel rather proud of our varied and discerning taste. Precious! Funny how we quickly transitioned from well-meaning poseurs to actually enjoying the music we were claiming to love. Wasn't that just yesterday? 

So tell me, how old is too old for a sleepover? (Assuming one is not Michael Jackson. What, too soon?)


stonetemplepilot said...

never too late i guess(unless one is MJ) for life has a tendency to fall apart when awake.

tinkered with hemingway's words:)

Banno said...

When one hates waking up in someone else's house in the morning, I guess, one is too old. I know I am.

P said...

@stonetemplepilot Ah! Well said! :)

@Banno Ditto! For the most part. ;)