Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Music Lies In The Day Lies In The Romance Lies In The Night

It was that kind of morning. Slightly nippy, hinting at a promise of romance. And cups of tea that could be had, fueling both imagination and resolve. Hungover from dreams past. 

And I kind of woke up with this tune in my head. Endearing and familiar. 

I think of Susheela as I listen. Perhaps more of the song than the singer. 

The day turns out to be uneventful, perhaps best that it's charm lie in the mundane. Comforting. The tune though stays in my head, perhaps as a reminder that tomorrow is going to be more of the same? 

Thinking once more of Ms. Raman (the formality seems appropriate), the song more than the singer, I turn off the lights... Not knowing what day lies ahead but, aware what I will be waking up with.

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