Tuesday, April 06, 2010


The city felt haunted, the street like a lingering piano riff
tapering off with a melancholic melody
There was an abandoned newspaper on the road
but she didn't mind, the theme was becoming,
yesterday's news still had a nice ring to it.

She looked out for that house, one that stood unimposing
in a street lined with handsome suitors
her eyes drawn to the desolate cracked concrete
which with it's dying creepers on the walls
wailed another story of another time.

Her eyes gleamed as she willed her heart to be still
longing to rip off the garish sale sign
that stood like a coquettish prostitute in the blistering heat.
The creaky door that was to shelter them from the humid day
made it's compliance rather loudly known with a conspiratorial groan.

She knew she was home and it begged to be celebrated
and even as he toasted the news with champagne and doubt
she drank with unflinching gulps the bitter homecoming
And with heady optimism and bubbly that long fell flat,
she longed to retell a story in a city of ex-lovers.

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