Thursday, June 11, 2009

In A Musical Sort Of Mood

Okay, so am not a ‘musicals’ sorta girl but, there are a few that just make me smile! ‘Singing In The Rain’ anyone? How I love ‘Good Morning, Good Morning’! For a (very, very) non-morning person, it sure has me feeling some love for those early morning rays!

Oh who am I kidding, just makes me want to stay up late so that I too can go...

Good mornin',
Good mornin'!
We've talked the whole night through,
Good mornin'
Good mornin' to you.
Good mornin', good mornin'!
It's great to stay up late,
Good mornin', good mornin' to you.
When the band began to play
The stars were shinin' bright.
Now the milkman's on his way,
It's too late to say goodnight.

“ As a matter of fact I rather feel like expressing myself now and I could certainly use a release” said Audrey Hepburn famously before bursting into this lil' number! Can you see anyone else doing that? Sheer brilliant cookie'ness!

Time to draw the blinds, turn some music on and proceed to make an ass of myself. Please excuse. I too could certainly use a release.

And after that, a stiff, dry Martini.

Thank God for You Tube!

1 comment:

Rooh said...

I sure miss that tv channel TNT. Ahh the late night musicals and Freddy tapping away with those magical shoes!
I was really born in the wrong generation!