Thursday, January 03, 2008

Stripped Down

He: I just don’t get it..

She: Oh please, not this again! Lets not start with this all over again! Can’t we go even an hour without you bringing this up?

He: Are you kidding? Of course I am going to bring this up! I just don’t see why you are still married to the guy…. Why don’t you just leave?

She: Because I don’t have a good enough reason to leave.

He: Good enough reason? Lack of passion is not a good enough reason? Barely-there intimacy is not a good enough reason?

She: Well, we are so good together. And he treats me so well. Besides, we are great friends, we can say what we want, do what we want, we just “get” each other, you know what I mean?

He: No, I don’t know what you mean! Hell no. We are great friends too but that doesn’t mean….

She: I know. I know. But for a marriage to work in the long run, it needs more than passion you know! Trust, respect, commitment, value for personal space, even being friends is what ultimately solidifies a relationship! And anyway, few years down the line, which marriage has that passion?

He: In case you forgot, you’ve been married a year, not for twenty…

She: Look, I don’t think he means for it to happen, am pretty sure it’s not intentional.. There’s all that work that’s been crazy for him…. Or maybe we are just majorly mismatched….
(A feeble laugh)

He: Geez! Give me a break here, will you? I know you are trying convince yourself more than trying to convince me..

She: Its not like we don’t make love at all you know..

He: Yeah, like once a month? He made it more than clear to you that he just wasn’t attracted to you the very day he got married to you! And anyway, in this day and age, THAT is a good enough reason to walk out you know! What are you afraid of? I just don’t get women like you…. You are smart, educated, beautiful and yet you take this subtle abuse….Why?

She: Stop it! Enough!

He: You know what? I’ve had enough of this too! Am done.
(Says angrily)

He then gets out of the bed, flinging the sheets aside angrily and reaches over for his hastily discarded clothes from last night.
She, with tears in her eyes, puts her wedding ring back on.

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