Monday, January 15, 2007


he sun just rose when I saw a shift in the shadows
The dew felt cold to touch, the air just right
Walked barefoot, heard the early bird after long
It was the beginning of a new day where nothing could go wrong
The dream from night before seemed on the brink of possibility
The smile stayed on like a delectable aroma in a Parisian bakery
As the sun rose higher, so did the ecstasy
But time has a way of ticking by, and sure enough night came along
There creeped in silence, long shadows and a blanket of dark
It cursed its misery, coz’ despair couldn’t be me
Nestled in corners, it sulked and pouted, weary and anguished
I unaware slept on, knowing dreams were soon to be freed
After all, time has a way of ticking by
My eyes held my dreams clasped tight, my mouth its smiles to come
The clock’s hands had an imprint of my lines of destiny
After all, how could tomorrow pass by me?

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