Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Of Scrapbooks, Closure

He felt his love stayed unrequited,
As he continued to flip through,
Another page, another story
Strangers' sagas and intimate conversations.
There were many small inside jokes,
And he checked the dates,
Wondered how another's scrapbook
Becomes another's salvation.
Maybe this would give some closure he thinks,
Ponders why she never showed up that day,
Or the next.
Was it to be another shaky movie premise?
Cary Grant was not he,
And he continues to turn page after page,
Stood up and left to deal.
Funny, he continued to look for answers,
And for some dramatic revelation.
But another page turned,
Another chapter ended,
And that one had his name on it.


Renovatio said...

Our lives are a single sheet of paper, and everyone we meet leaves a mark, and some leave a deeper mark.

Perspective Inc said...

@ renovatio

and erasers don't always work!