Monday, August 13, 2007

The Martini Files

It was the Birthday weekend, so naturally it was spent being spoiled and having a general good time. Lot of alcohol was involved. As was making an ass of one's self as a result! On an aside, was gifted a beautiful book called 'The Martini' by Barnaby Conrad 111. From the book:

" The word Martini is a nostalgic passport to another era- when automobiles had curves like Mae West, when women were either ladies or dames, when men wore hats, when a deal was done on a handshake, when boxing and polo were regular passtimes, when we lived for movies instead of MTV, and when jazz was going from hot to cool. It was a time when a relationship was called either a romance or an affair, when love over a pitcher of Martinis was bigger than both of us, sweetheart, and it wouldn't matter if the Russians dropped the bomb as long as the gin was wet and the vermouth was dry. That was the Martini Culture. "

Sigh. It almost take you elsewhere doesn't it? Reminds me of Cary Grant in An Affair To Remember, of those discreet New York speakeasies, of Ernest Hemingway and Marlene Dietrich, of Joan Crawford in Humoresque, of 'Nora' and 'Nick' in The Thin Man, of Bette Davis in All About Eve, of Frank Sinatra and those smokey jazz clubs, of The Stork Club in Manhattan in the does take you else where.


Jay Sun said...

Belated Happy Birthday !!! :)

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