Friday, August 31, 2007

Between The Dairy And Produce Aisle

I have often playfully thrown around words like 'existential angst'.
Living it, spins a whole another meaning to it.
Picking a jar from passion's shelf
Ones that are labelled, boldly,
" No refunds towards regrets"
Really put a twist on those cautionary tales.
And now, am reading labels
And re-checking expiration dates,
Choices apparantly come with a no return policy.


Renovatio said...

Not to mention a lack of a non-accountabilty clause.

homo escapeons said...


We live and die by our choices. There are plenty of songs about regret and being able to go back in time and change our decisions.

We learn from mistakes. Edison said that he learned over one thousand ways that a light bulb wouldn't work.

So many people are terrified about their own expiration dates because they assume that the sum total of all their decisions will dictate how and where they will spend eternity.

I see no evidence that is the case and nobody has ever come back so I am trying to focus on the here and now.

I love reading labels because some of the funniest things ever written are listed under side effects include.

Perspective Inc said...

@ renovatio

theres that too! its never easy!

@ h.e

Yes. True. Have nothing else to add.