Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Simply Simpsonian

Can you just picture Marge in Chanel.. With Lagerfeld looking on… Linda Evangelista striking a pose just thereabouts….Homer dressed exactly like Lagerfeld….all in one frame??

The sheer fabulousness of it, I tell ya! All in Harper’s Bazaar…

Chanel, Lanvin, Vuitton, Versace. And The Simpsons.

Loving it.

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Renovatio said...

I'm a cologne-y... Lanvin's my number one at that... But I don't think brands beyond benetton to be honest...

Okay I lied, I only get shirts that're either Zara, fcuk, Armani Exchange, or Polo... oh and benetton too :p

Melody said...

brilliant! love the Simpsons! Watched Homer take Jay Leno's place last night on the Tonight Show, hilarious stuff.

And seriously, Marge looks fab!!

Perspective Inc said...

@ renovatio
lol! you closet fashionista you!!

@ melody
I knowww!!!