Friday, June 08, 2007

Such A Long Journey

Such a long journey. And how.
Three and a half hour flight to San Francisco. Two hours of layover time. Then ten hours to Tokyo. And then another layover of two hours. From there, onto Hong Kong.

Why doesn’t just clicking heels work? I’ll even wear those gory, drag queen, ruby red slippers.

And while am jet lagged and (just a little) dazed, I realize that the blog recently turned one.

How time flies. Now if only that extended to actual flying time as well.


ferret said...

Happy b'day bloggie :)
I am so itching to go through all the trouble that travel brings, all opportunities somehow dying an unnatural death!

Grey Shades said...

yeah time does fly away... happy first blogoversary! :)

byker7 said...


(and if it makes you feel any better, imagine Baltimore-Newark-Alaska-Tokyo-Bangkok-Bombay-Bangalore, that took 39 hours, including layovers.)

educatedunemployed said...


parmanu said...

Happy anniversary. Keep writing.

Born a Libran said...

Congrats on the blog... Enjoy Hong Kong... make it worth the journey... :)

Jay Sun said...

Congratulations !!! :)

Peg said...

Well, hats off and horns a tootin'! Congratulations on a year!! And as far as flying? Uh, okay! ;-0}

But have fun anyway!!

Thanks for dropping by my place! Too bad I can't give frequent flyer miles, eh!? :-0};-0}

Jackie said...

Wow - better you than me. I'm too scared to fly, and all that in between stuff would surely do me in! Happy Anniversary on blogging.

mathew said...

belated greetings..and keep them all to read the blogs i missed over the past few weeks in leisure and enjoying it!!..

Shubhojit said...

Awww! I second u. If only flying had been that easy.

Perspective Inc said...

@ Ferret
Thanks. And hope you get to put on your travel shoes on soon.

@ Grey Shades, Educatedunemployed

@ Byker
Thanks. And that is no way to fly. Damn connections.

@ Parmanu, Jay sun

@ Born A Libran
Thanks and you bet I will.

@ Peg
Thanks. And I wish.

@ Jackie

@ Mathew
Am glad you enjoying them.. and thanks!

@ Shubhojit
I knoww!! If only, right?