Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Drinking Games: In Lazy Rhyme

The weekend was a blissed out date
Blessed by a hue of pink in a Martini so hale
Usually one for green apples, a melon in a Martini was a change
Nothing though to beat the tart of a Martini perfect made.

In between the days of haze, why forget the friend of late
In weather so hot, humid, none but wine white makes a better date
Yeah, I had a weekend oh so fun
So pardon the nonsensical rhyme and the nonexistent pun.

Yes, I have been called a ‘masochist’ already once today
For rubbing my holiday hands in glee
For that too I have an answer, I blame it on the trip to SoHo
On a glass of Argentinean Mendoza, two or three.

You wonder, why the rhyme, of a weekend gone and of Friday yet to come
Blame the Cheetos and beer, which was lunch today, a holiday rightly done.


rishabh said...

we dont get martinis in pilani!
all we get is beer caller "beer"

byker7 said...

down the hatch.

Perspective Inc said...

@ rishabh
All the more better I say!

@ byker
What happened to the good ol' phrase of 'bottoms up'?

educatedunemployed said...

So well done and what fun! Cheers to you I say!

byker7 said...

far as i know, it's alive and well. and still, when applied with metronomic regularity, usually precedes the altered reaction of a body to gravity, as best described by the term 'face down'.

Dan said...

Sounds like ... hic ... you ... hic ... had a ... hic ... fun ... hic ... weekend.

Perspective Inc said...

@ Educatedunemployed

@ Byker
J.E.Lewis- " You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on"

@ Dan
I did!! (If only now, I remember to hydrate)

Keshi said...

fun :)


Ekta said...

Looks like someone is in complete holiday mood:-))

Melody said...

wooo-hooo, love 'em pink drinks :))

Go Girl You!! Poetry Drink & Write Pink

(or something of the sort, feeling a bit high after reading your post)

Ginger Girl said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend.

Where are you tripping next? ;)

Born a Libran said...

Having fun I see... heres to another round of martinis:)

mathew said...

why did u write this..it inspires me to take a Becks!! ;-P

Mowgli said...


spoon said...

OOOH, wish i were on holiday with you!

Shubhojit said...

Even my weekend was spent with pitchers of draft beer and lots of cheese toast :) The downpour outside helped the cause.

A Cynic in Wonderland said...

Hic! Got high on the colors!

The Dude said...

"a holiday rightly done" is right, sounds like a solid and fun break..
sigh.. makes me want to take one now... oh well, ill make do with reading about yours and dreaming of a more fun pass time..