Monday, June 11, 2007

The Cover Issue

So, Gemma Ward was featured on the inaugural issue of Vogue China two years ago (below) and will also feature on the inaugural issue of Vogue India, this September.

Because we don’t have supermodels of our own? I love Gemma Ward, she certainly does great with High Fashion editorials, but I would think that the first issue would feature an Indian face. First covers are important; Ward could get the second cover?

First China, now India. What does that tell you about our major colonial hangover?

But, if they did have to go that route, I wish they had picked Diane Kruger. The blond Chanel muse is something else methinks.


Little Miss Muffet said...

well that is suprising..almost like saying indian models are not good enough to be featured in the indian edition...and that of course is untrue considering our indian beauty queens and models..

Renovatio said...

Didn't maxim india have eva longoria for the inaugural issue? It's not that we don't have the models, it's just that we don't have the faith in the desi flavor... Ghar ki daal murgi barabar right?

manuscrypts said...

oh yeah..'helen' is a national treasure :)

Keshi said...

I like Fashion...but I hate it when certain countries' fashion industry dun believe in their own home-grown talents. Indian girls r so perfectly fit to be on the cover of magazines.


Dan said...

What's up with that??

I think Indian women are beautiful! Perhaps Indians think Western women are beautiful because they look exotic to them?

Beats the heck out of me!

greensatya said...

Jep, that's sad. Neither do we have super-models nor super brands !

that girl in pink said...

its definitely the colonial hangover thing. how do you explain the deluge of caucasian models in india that are selling everything from soap to bikes to fairness creams?

Perspective Inc said...

It is rather strange isn't it..

@ Renovatio
Maybe the faces aren't 'global' enough...who knows..

@ Manuscrypts
I wouldn't go thaaat far...

@ Keshi
Its not really a question of if they are beautiful or not really, its just a question of far reaching appeal and impact of first covers... but lets face it.. in the world of fashion..there are really no Indian supermodels..there's Ujwala Raut but thats about it..but still..there are good Indian models and considereing it IS for India......

@ Dan
Has me confused too...

@ Greensatya
For a country like ours.. surprises me too!

@ That girl in pink
I know!! And whats up with THAT?