Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Picture Imperfect

She was caught unaware as she chanced upon his picture today.
After years of silence, and conversations that happened but didn’t,
After hours of cloaked meaning and naked nuances.

His picture was a shock, an aging, blurring memory brought to life.
She expected a faded recollection, its corners wrinkled.
Instead it was in color. Vibrant. A stamp of not so recent past.

He wore a silly smile like he did when he was having a great time,
He smiled so wide that his eyes would crinkle, with infectious warmth.
It was disquieting to see that smile so perfectly in place.

The goofiness, a testament of seamless movement of time
The picture, a memory from someone else’s scrapbook
Fervently looking to capture that moment again, if only through the lens.

In a picture so imperfect, otherwise, perfect.


Keshi said...

WOW so beautiful!

Very graphic.


Nadim said...

how can fiction be so real!!?!!

Ricercar said...

v potent! i really liked it :)

alkyron said...

i could see this!

Perspective Inc said...

@ Keshi, Nadim, Ricercar

@ Alkyron
Am glad..

Kim said...

this one gave me goosebumps!!!!

Perspective Inc said...

@ Kim
Am not sure if thats what I was going for.. :)

byker7 said...



Perspective Inc said...

@ Byker
High praise indeed...

byker7 said...