Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Grander Moment

The gesture, like the setting, was grand
Where the words of love were first spoken
Admitting to the other, admitting to self
And allowing the grandeur of nature to bear witness.

Largely aware, that like the valley, deep had to be their love
The winding bends, the nature’s course
A time written trail of commitment past
Promises safe under the ancient earth.

The vastness a testament to the affection that rose each day stronger
A belief none too dimmed with the setting sun
The river that once flew beneath with all its torrid currents
That came to be soul defining.

But there was a time, when in its own arrogance
It flowed with a vengeance, setting its own obstacle course in place
The rapids testing the endurance of even the strongest faith
Invoking the strongest desire to swim ashore when none could be seen.

There were those moments when under water
Breath was caught and almost gone
But quite like the life jacket they wore,
They had each other to call their own.

Many lovers the cliff stood witness to
As did the soaring skies, and looming forests
The river too, flew as red as the passion it saw
In a setting as grand, only few romances steal the grander moment.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Awesome pic! will you be having two two blogs now?

Perspective Inc said...

Thanks!!And no, this is the primary and only blog! The other one am just using to repost from the archives that got lost...

Shruti said...

loely words, and pictue is simply awasome..
Take care...

mathew said...

grandeur of romance!!!well awesome picture to go with poem too!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks for the clarification, Perspective. i was getting a bit confused, and did find the other one to be repeats, but enjoyable nevertheless. :-)

Keshi said...

WOW very well-written.


Ricercar said...

wow! this is awesome literally. this has to be one of your best!

Perspective Inc said...

@ shruti, mathew

@ keshi, ricercar
aw, thanks!

mystic rose said...


Perspective Inc said...

@ Mystic Rose