Thursday, April 26, 2007


Pessioptimist - Someone who is a Pessimist and an Optimist at the same time.

But its hard not to be blissed-out.


First Rain said...

The bulb is saturated with light.

Talk about making statements! :D Hi. n thanks for dropping by.

:) said...

hi. read through your blog. really enjoyed 'past loves'. thanks for dropping by. i know i will be coming back here soon.

educatedunemployed said...

Happy the Latte Files is back again.Talk about "pessioptimists"!!

the wannabe indian punkster said...

And blissed out is the only way to go. Preferably with a side of alcohol.


jerry said...

This place is awesome. I love your profile.

Perspective Inc said...

@ first rain. :)
Thanks! And Keep coming back!

@ educatedunemployed
Now, what does that mean? :)

@ the wannabe indian punkster
You bet...

@ jerry
Thats a first!!thanks!!

Gledwood said...

You call your blog The Latte Files :: is that picture the light shining from the bottom of a well-drunk coffee cup??

I ought to call my blog the Late Files, as late is what I'm best at being ...

As for pessoptimism, I'm more of a pissoptometrist... in other words I have a habit of turning up drunk to my eye tests.

Good word though!

& lovely blog!!

All the best

Renovatio said...

I could definitely qualify as one of those...

Count me in as a regular visitor too :p

Nadim said...

"Pessioptimist" - I am one! I am a model Pessioptimist!

Lulu (Dan's cat) said...

You humans sure come up with some crazy words. That one didn't register in my English-to-kitty translator.


Perspective Inc said...

@ Gledwood

@ Renovatio

@ Nadim

@ Lulu (Dan's Cat)
Thats just too bad then isn't it?