Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Past Loves

After making love, he loved to light up a cigarette
He’d say, “ Lets share this one”. The afternoon
Would glisten, as if it too were shaken.

She loved to take pictures. Mostly of things, of memories
Captured in ambient inanimateness scheme of things. Of vases,
Flowers, sheets and places they had been.

He would pass her notes. Only to see the flush that would
Come on her face. He loved to make her blush and for that,
He would think of a thousand ways.

She secure in the thought of being a goddess to him, would
Still test its strength. And so would innocuously flirt with other men,
Till she saw the flicker of jealousy in him.

He called her his best friend and yet was unnerved
By the unfolding passion. With a present so overwhelming, how does
One judge a future that remains unseen?

She made plans for what lay ahead. A future she saw
With glasses rose tinted. Till she began to question the passion itself,
And what it might have never meant.

Soon they came upon a road forked, of choices divided and futures
Read. He needed time, so decided to pitch a tent. She needing to
Know soon, chose to move ahead.

Many years passed since. And with time and a sepia tint, the romance
A bit jaded. Having decided not to court regret,
Quite not unhappy with what unfolded.

Having never let a thought astray, caught unaware by a bulbous
Afternoon grey. A pause in which they would have ordinarily reflected
On all that is, all that was and obviously not.

But with, a sigh and wisdom new, they now know an aging secret.
Of how a crumpled sheet doesn’t hold memories hidden, its creases
Not the treasure chests of memories for later.

Its contours, not maps of destiny written by the romantics. They just
Mean what they are. Comfort for then, for them. Comfort for that
Moment. And the comfort that comes from sleeping in, a bit longer.


Kraz Arkin said...

Interestingly, some lines reminded me of a post I had written a while ago called Afterwards. Yes yes, I am self obsessed. :)

Perspective Inc said...

:) Link it...

wiseling said...

Tagged! :)

alkyron said...

hi this is alkyron. wow ... this is so wow! ... i am honored that a wordsmith of such superlative talent has found my work somewhat comment-worthy :)

Perspective Inc said...

@ Wiseling

Oh come on now!! And... Thanks!

Anki said...

hey lovely
prose n poetry all mixed in one

Zaphod said...

First bit sounds rather familiar...oh wait, I was the tent pitcher...another story, another life but very familiar

Perspective Inc said...

@ Anki

@ Zaphod
We've all been there...

churu churu said...

how timelessly familiar...
we should be sharing our posts! i know ill keep visiting..


Perspective Inc said...

@ churu churu
We should! you should...

Anusha said...

Hey...beautiful poem. Just chanced upon your comment on my blog. Lovely work, very real.I'll be revisiting.:) Did you read Kundera's book btw?

Perspective Inc said...


Hope to see you around here..
And, no I haven't, not yet anyway..