Saturday, April 07, 2007

Meet Me And Me

I have been called many names (!) but not quite as many or even as varied since I’ve begun blogging.

I have been suicidal with heights on my mind, or a raving alcoholic with martinis in hand. I’ve have been accused of bimbo moments when all I can think of, are, Dior bags, Ferragamo shoes and Valentino couture. And then of glamorizing the chain smoking brooding poet. I have taken calls asking me if I was ok. Taken calls to reaffirm that I am not cheating on my husband. (Yet) Also taken calls to reassure that I am not being cheated on either. (Yet) And then there have been questions about my recent page three culture obsession. Sophisticate? Social climber? Does it even matter?

Sigh. “You don’t have a gay hair dresser “ ( I do ); “Your closet is full of Jimmy Choos!” ( Actually not ), “I’ve seen you a drink Bacardi and diet..” ( Before or after a Martini?)

The fun u can have with so many personalities…

So.. Am a schizophrenic blogger. Sue me. And me.

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