Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Woes Of A Screenplay Writer: The Writings’ On The Wall: Part 1

Seen some of the movies out lately? Forget Drama, Comedy, Tragedy, Suspense, Noir, Romance and think Mediocre, because if that was a genre most of these movies would fit the bill. And then, I see some movies like Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, Mixed Doubles, Raghu Romeo or Maqbool and I get all inspired to write a screenplay myself, something different and ground breaking, the ‘zara hatke’ kind. And caught between limited ability and infinite optimism I sit down with my laptop and a million ideas, all with an idealistic naiveté of a virgin stepping into the big bad world of movie making and all of its stereo types.

So, I finally found a conducive spot to do all of my writing, after a lot of tussle with Feng Shui and Vaastu (I got the superstition part of the movie business down to a T already!), hooked up the coffee maker and sat down with all of my books, papers and laptop. Turned on some music in the background and thought of something inspiring. And then remembered, shoot, I have to do laundry! Screenplay will just have to wait, but at least I got my ambience set. Ok, so now onto some serious writing.

Day One:
I sat down to write. I want to write a couple of stories intertwined together. But, oh wait, hasn’t that been done to death? Nah, I’ll just give it a different approach. I think I’ll write about a plot involving a tryst between a suicidal woman and a complete stranger at a coffee shop that changes both their lives completely. Product placement, yes!! Maybe Barista will bite. Or loop in Café Coffee Day. Possibilities. Shouldn’t I have some actors in mind while I write out their roles? How about Rahul Khanna? He can play the droopy, morose, dark stranger role. Plus, he is hot. And this will probably be the only way I’ll ever meet him. What about the actress? And the lead roles? Oh who cares! Spent rest of the day fantasizing about script readings with Rahul Khanna that run late into night. My friend took the time to point, that he cannot really act. Agreed. But he is Hot.

Day Two:
Time to focus. Wrote a scene involving my lead actress, traveling back in a cab after a heated argument with the stranger. Began to think of what music should play in the background. Researched some possible soundtrack possibilities. Daydreamed some more with my IPod on.

Day Six:
Wrote thirty pages. It is beginning to look increasingly like a cross between Crash, Heights, Maya Memsaab and a couple of other movies. Hmm. Not exactly what I intended. Strike everything so far. Time to re-write.

Day 10:
My muse goes MIA

To Be Continued…

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