Thursday, March 22, 2007

Woes Of A Screenplay Writer: Write Here, Write Now: Part 2

Day 12
After having fantasized about all the connections that I’ll make, awards I’ll win and magazines I’d feature in, I figured it was high time I actually get down to writing. Especially since I have already started telling everyone I am writing a screenplay. Note to Self: Keep your big mouth shut!!

Day 13:
Things are progressing well. Came up with a new storyline. And many, many, subliminal subtleties. A vintage, tattered Snakes and Ladders (Board game) in the background, pretty unobtrusive in the scene but later you’ll realize that it sort of signifies the ups-and downs of that woman’s life. Yes, I decided to stick to my original plot. It is original. It is.

Day 15:
Continuing to keep my act together. Doing some serious writing. Maybe, I can do this after all. Put together a very dark, out-there, cool, hallucinatory scene. The stranger and the woman smoke up and take off. Awesome montage, very avant-garde. Morrison in the background, smoky room, low lighting. Very Alice in Wonderland. Wait a minute, am I still writing?

Day 19:
Story plot sucks. What if the suicidal woman turns homicidal? Kills her husband AND the stranger? Goes Bobbitt on them. And then takes off on a month long backpacking trip across Europe. Ok, am just mad at men today! Start over.

Day 20:
Writing is back to normal again. Thank god. Someone told me that you should never take a break from writing; you’ll just end up constantly re-writing, because there is always that ‘one’ better idea that you think of later (Apply that to exit strategies for bad dates as well). True. But, all the Fade Ins and Fade Outs have gotten my head spinning. My muse and I need a trip to the spa to rejuv!

To Be Continued…

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