Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oh Pretty Baby

Oh pretty baby, I wish you could see
All that you are, the wonder you seem to be.

You’ve swathed yourself behind bandages, immaculate
Some scars to hide, some to hide from the scars and the intimate.

Oh pretty baby, but don’t you see
Sizes are just numbers, don’t forget to just be.

Wrapped in someone else’s perception, did you forget who you used to be?
Remember the compliments, passionate eyes, intriguing smiles and the feeling of free.

Oh pretty baby, you must see
You can’t spend countless days unhappy with now, waiting for the curtain fall and standing ready to take a final bow.

Like in a drama you declared an epic saga
Wanting to be desired, wanted in all of its glorious panorama.

Dealt with a cruel hand, crushed by expectations not met
Oh pretty baby, you’ve got to see. Its not you. Not yet.

As you go to sleep tonight
Remember if he doesn’t see you for what you really are, maybe he just isn’t Mr. Right.

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